Best Secured Loans

It has never been easier to get the best secured loans than it is today. There are many companies out there clamouring for your business, willing to offer you the best secured loans they can. The market is so competitive these days it is easy to get the best secured loans. Many companies specialise in finding the best loan options for their customers and getting a secured loan application approved can now take less than 30 minutes whereas it used to take days.

Secured loans from DBS Finance, using your property as collateral against the loan allow lenders to offer their customers some of the best deals ever. The more equity you have in your home and the better your credit rating is, the lower your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be and the shorter the repayment terms will be. If you own your home, whether you have a mortgage you are paying on or you own your property outright, you can obtain the best secured loans available.

By securing your loan with your property, you can not only free up lenders to hunt for the best deals available, but you also free up the money trapped in your home, money that can be used for many purposes, including making improvements to the home.

The best secured loans, however, allow you to use the money in just about any way you see fit. You can use it to consolidate your debt and eliminate your credit burden by paying off those outstanding credit cards and getting rid of the hassle of so many monthly payments, with their plethora of confusing interest rates. You can also use the money from the best secured loans to purchase a new or used vehicle.

If you are self-employed or have just started a new job, it is often difficult, if not impossible to get a loan, but with the best secured loans, you use the equity in your home to secure the loan, eliminating much of the risk for the lending and eliminating the need to determine your ability to pay based upon your employment salary. It is important to keep in mind that failure to repay the loan within the agreed upon terms can result in serious penalties, including loss of the property, so it pays to do your homework and only commit to a contract you can live up to. Don't delay, start your application today with DBS Finance!

DBS Finance were great. I’m so glad I chose them. all my money problems were solved. They were patient and understanding in what was a very stressful situation. Thank you for such great service! Mr & Mrs D - Northampton

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates Subject to status. Loans secured on property. Written quotations upon request. Typical rate between 5.59% and 14.3% APR dependent on status. Loans between £5,000 and £200,000 available. Current Max LTV 85% THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SECURING OTHER DEBTS / LOANS AGAINST YOUR HOME. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR ANY OTHER DEBT / LOAN SECURED ON IT.